Friday, September 7, 2012

Service Details

Today, we picked up Angela's ashes.  Tomorrow is her memorial service, 2:30 at Red Bluff SDA Church.  Sunday, we plan to scatter her ashes from the Golden Gate bridge, and Monday we'll start home.  We have a friend who is doing an estate sale, starting today.  She had an amazing amount of stuff in her house.  We're staying tonight with another friend out of Redding.  It was sad, this morning, watching strangers leave with her stuff, but I told myself to remember that those people were being blessed by her even now.  This weekend will be hard, I'm sure, but the sorrow is for ourselves, missing her, and not for her, since she is waiting for Jesus and when we see her again she will be in perfect health, without any limitations.  May that day come soon!

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